For Shoppers

Shoppers are guaranteed to win prizes. Through Yatta!, you are automatically investing toward your dreams as you shop. On top of that, you can win just by simply, referring Yatta! to your friends and family.

For Retailers

Yatta! is a gamified loyalty platform that increase your shoppers spending per transaction and give you deep insights to your business. We also help you to save on your discount expenses.

For Partners

With Yatta! you can put your products on our platform for a wide exposure while increasing the desirability of your products. At the same time, we fulfil shoppers dream together.

Shop and Refer To Get Closer To Your Dream

Just simply record what you shop daily and Yatta! will automagically fulfil your dreams and enrol you in a contest. If you don't shop as much, don't worry just tell your friends about Yatta! and you will be rewarded.

Yatta! Gamified Loyalty Platform

The one and only loyalty platform app that you need to have

One dream at a time

When creating Yatta! account you will be able to select 3 dreams that you would like to fulfil.

  1. Yatta! fulfil your dream when you shop
  2. Shop what you need and we give you what you want.
  3. Claim exclusive Yatta! offers from your favourite retailers

From all, by all, to all

With Yatta! shoppers work together to fulfil each other dreams.

  1. Shop together to unlock better prizes
  2. Guaranteed winners
  3. Desirables prizes
Winning In Life

Be Part of Yatta!

We are looking for retailers and partners that have the same vision. In Yatta! we focus on your growing businesses while at the same time giving back to your shoppers.

For Retailers

If you need #1 gamified loyalty platform to increase your revenue while fulfilling your shoppers' dreams, click the button below.

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For Partners

If you would like to advertise or sponsor products for Yatta! shoppers please contact us by clicking the button below.

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